Coding Champions Creativity, (Cat++)


The thing I love most about Coding/Programming/Scripting (apart from the feeling you get when the thing you just wrote solves your problem of course), is how great a creative tool it is for logical, precise people.

Now I’m not particularly creative from a free-flowing perspective, just look at the title for this post, or any of my website or modelling designs… But I do love to create well structured, well ordered standalone blocks, that I can then throw together in new and interesting ways.
I also love cats…
They’re relaxed and fluffy and cuddly and vicious in just the right proportions, and embody everything of the simple epicurean lifestyle that I admire most.
So when I saw this article from The Creators Project about a new programming language/ cat behaviour simulator called ‘Cat++’ I immediately reacted with unabashed joy.

After I had settled down a bit though and actually read the article, it hit me “Wow, you really can do ANYTHING you could possibly want to do with the right bit of code…”.

THIS is why I got into programming, THIS is why I got into Games Development…
It’s like architecture, but fun (to me)! Clear and precise building blocks, but blocks that are so fundamental you have unlimited* freedom to express yourself!
You want Pirates? We can build Pirates! You want a Spaceship? We can build a Spaceship! You want a way to look at videos of Cats and random other things people have recorded? We can (and did) build that!

We all know Cats rule the world, that’s just a given… But!
Behind every successful Cat is a Programmer, a Coder, a Scripter, who is tapping away at their keyboard coming up with new and exciting blocks of code for the rest of us to play with, or throwing together blocks from other people that they themselves would never have thought of making, to create something those people had never thought to make…

It’s just all so wonderful, it’s ingenious, it’s creative, it’s convenient, it’s useful, it’s freedom, it’s automation…
It’s coding, and I think it’s quite possibly the best thing ever!
I’m also starting off my blog on a very positive note… I hope it will stay that way, but ever-changing landscape and all that jazz… If you want to know you’ll have to stick around to find out!

*The limit does exist… But you can always work around it! Yay Coding!