Hello world!

Waving Hello --- Source: http://cliparts.co/cliparts/pio/A67/pioA67zBT.png

I’m a Programmer (at heart and hopefully soon by trade), so it’s only fitting I commence my new blog on my new WordPress-hosted site, with the traditional ‘Hello World!’.

This site is my personal Showcase, it is a place where I can show off various things I have done that are related to computing in some way, and now a place for me to ramble at the pseudo-public about techy things that interest me as well!
I will also probably write posts detailing updates to the site content, beginning with (I assume) the page I am yet to create in homage to the old static, non-Wordpress version of the showcase.
If you are interested in that, there’ll be a category for it by now, though I’ve not decided what to call it yet so you’re probably going to have to use some deductive reasoning and intuition!
Fortunately I am a big believer in intuitive naming schemes, so it shouldn’t be too taxing!

I’m also very excitable, so I’ll exclaim a lot… For best reading accuracy, interpret them as excitement or exuberance rather than emphasis.

Cheers for visiting, and I hope you enjoy at least some of what you see!