Merlin’s Madness Prototype

Main Menu - Somewhat of an afterthought to be honest

In-Game Screenshot, Push Spell on the first non-tutorial level In-Game Screenshot, Magic Missile Spell on the first non-tutorial level Visualised Source Control for the Merlin's Madness Development

The game I made as part of my Capstone unit at Macquarie University in late 2016, for my Games Design and Development degree.
Along with Jordan, Ilya, and Sora, we put together a bit of a top-down shoot-em-up (along the lines of Vampire Survivors, which came along later, but is probably the best known example), with a Magic-user twist.

To play, you must accumulate Mana by feeding beasties to your ‘Patron’ who has opened squiggly tentacle pits for the purpose.
You can use the ‘Push’ spell to get a bit of breathing room, and also shove them into the pits if you need to, and they only periodically think to check where you are so you can try to ¡olé! them into the pits as well if you like, but obviously as a magic-user you’re not that athletic.
Once you’ve saved up enough Mana, you can start throwing out some more dangerous spells, like Fireball, Magic Missile, and Chain Lightning, which are accessed via the number keys for the spell slots.
By default, 1 is Magic Missile and 2 is Push (I think?).

To win, you simply eliminate all enemies on the level (the counter is in the top right).
At which point you can advance to the next level (and this is also the opportunity to ‘Upgrade’ your spells and assign them slots.
We didn’t finish the upgrade system, so there’s nothing stopping you maxing everything out right away.
There’s also only three levels (four if you count the tutorial, which I recommend doing as it’ll take you to the first level after completing it, but you’ll retain (I think) your upgrades and such.

Access the game here: Merlin’s Madness WebGL Build