Candlekeep Archives Site

The website design for the Cybercultures Unit I did as part of my BIT Games Development Course

Live Demo at:

This is the website project I created as part of my Cybercultures Unit I did in my BIT Games Development Course at Macquarie University in 2015.
It was my intention to create a site with the aesthetic of a scroll of parchment sitting on a wooden tabletop, in-keeping with the theme of the site as an online representation of a medieval-style records keeping institution. I would then populate the site with ‘biographies’ of the Dungeons and Dragons characters that I had sheets handy for.


Keeping the scroll looking appropriate while varying the length to which it ‘unrolled’ was a hurdle I am particularly proud of surmounting, though I am still yet to appropriately handle window width’s smaller than the scroll ends.

I am also quite happy with the JS based tabbed infobox appearing smoothly animated and tidy within the scroll unfurling, as well as the use of colours and fonts.


P.S. For those of you who are looking at the Character stats in-depth, they were actually taken from characters I have played, but I got lazy at one point and duplicated some stat tables across-character.